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Children Just Like Me
Published to coincide with UNICEF's fiftieth
anniversary, a celebration of children around
the world is based upon interviews with young
people from all walks of life and reveals their
diverse cultural backgrounds and universal
Noah's Ark Bible Printables
Bible Printables:
Our printables and resources can help you
retell the story of the Tower of Babel in your
classroom. You'll find story visuals, minibooks,
card games, file folder games, Bible Verse
copywork, worksheets and even a tower of
babel craft.  If you have
preschoolers check
out our section for younger children here.
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Tower of Babel Printables
The story of the Tower of Babel is one of pride.  Mankind thought they would get to heaven on
their own, simply by building a tower up to the heavens.  God decided to spread out the people
and give them different languages.
Noah's Ark Craft Kit
Let every child make two! Includes
foam pieces. Approx. 10". All craft
kit pieces are pre-packaged for
individual use
Noah's Ark Cross Craft
This is a coloring page of Noah
patiently waiting for the rain to
cease, looking out the window
of the ark.
Tower of Babel Minibook        BW
This is a printable minibook for children to
read about the tower of babel.  Print these
for with their family members.
Tower of Babel StoryBoard Set
Use this set when teaching children about the story of the
Tower of Babel.These would also make great visuals for your
classroom bulletin board if you mount them to colored
construction paper. See our
tutorial here if you've never
printed our Storyboard sets.
Tower of Babel Craft
What better way to learn about the tower of babel
then to break out the clay and make one!
Here we;ve got a great homemade playdough
recipe with photo instructions for how to build
your tower!
Languages of the World Card Game
This is a set of printable cards you can use
to teach children how to say hello in 16
different languages.  Each card features a
picture of a child, alongside the language
and how to say hello.  This would be a great
game to bring out during your Tower of
Babel lessons, and Pentacost lessons.  Print
these on heavy cardstock and laminate for
best results.  Play Go Fish, but instead say,  
"Babel, Babel, I can't understand you!"

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Bible ABC Worksheets: T is for Tower.
T is for Tower....The tower of Babel.  Children
work on the cursive letter T.
Tower of Babel Copywork
This is a cursive copywork page for
Colossians 3:17, "And whatever you do,
whether in word or deed, do it all in the name
of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the
father through him."
Bible ABC Worksheets: T is for Tower.
This is a worksheet for children to find as
many words as they can in the words, "Tower
of Babel"
Tower of Babel File Folder Game
T is for Tower....The tower of Babel.  Children
work on the cursive letter T.