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Indian Corn Color Cross
The Legend Of Indian Corn Cross
Craft Kit. Share the legend with
friends. The verse reads, "God
put colors for you and me on all of
the Indian corn we see!
Harvesting for Him Craft
"Harvest for HIM" with this
self-adhesive foam craft. Features
the scripture Luke 10:2 and includes
nylon ribbon for hanging.
Thanksgiving Bible Printables & Crafts
Bible Printables:
Additionally, our Thanksgiving Bible Printables
are great for children of all ages.  Below, you'll
find Thanksgiving Bible Verse printables,
coloring pages, minibooks, crafts, activities and
worksheets that you can use in your homeschool
or personal classroom.   
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visiting our Blog for when new resources are
Thanksgiving is a great time to teach children about gratitude, praise and contentment.  There
are many Bible stories you can use during your circle time; The Story of the Ten Lepers, or The
Parable of the Sower is a great place to start.  If you have the means you might even host your
own mini Thanksgiving feast during your scheduled classtime.
Thanksgiving Bible Resources
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Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Kids
This is a great set of bible vesrse children can learn during
the Fall season.  Each verse has a message of thankfulness
on a pumpkin.  Children can store their pumpkins in the
printable pocket which includes a checklist as they learn
each verse.  It would be great to have an incentive for
learning all of the verses.
Thankful Bible Verse Craft Page 1        BW
Thankful Bible Verse Craft Page 2        BW
Thankful Bible Verse Craft Page 3        Blank
In Everything Give Thanks Worksheet
This is a printable activity for children to
draw and color different pictures of
themselves doing "everything."  Speak
with children about what it means to be
thankful for even the trial in our lives, or
when we are doing something we don't
necessarily want to do.  It's important to
thank the Lord for doing what's BEST for us.
Thank you God for.....
Here is a simple worksheet for
children to fill in the blanks with
things they are thankful for.
Pilgrim and Indian Coloring Sheet
This would be a great coloring sheet
to follow up a lesson on Squanto and
God's role in his life.  There is room
at the bottom for children to write a
bible verse.
Psalm 136:1-6 Bible Printables
This is a great set of bible printables about
giving thanks to Lord!  These are part of our
bible song printables here.

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His
love endures forever. Give thanks to the God
of gods. His love endures forever. Give
thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures
The Thankful Leper Coloring Page
Here is a picture of the healed Leper
coming back to thank Jesus for
healing him.  This is a great story to
teach children around Thanksgiving.
Thank You Lord Placemat
This is a coloring sheet for children to
fill in with a picture of something they
are thankful for.  Laminate and let
children use them at the table for the
Thanksgiving meal.
Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet
Here is a thanksgiving coloring
page with the bible verse from
Psalm 100:4.  There is also a spot for
children to draw and color
something they are thankful for.
Bible Verse Minibook:
This is a bible verse minibook on
thankfulness.  Children learn 1
Thessalonians 5:16-18, and learn
circumstances!  This makes a great
Thanksgiving Bible Verse!

Thankfulness Minibook Color
Thankfulness Minibook Color Blank
Thankfulness Minibook B&W
Thankfulness Minibook B&W Blank
Thankful Copywork Sheets
Here are a few different bible verse
copywork sheets with specially chosen
scriptures on the topic of Thankfulness.  
These are in cursive and are great for
children who are just beginning to learn
cursive.  Older children can copy the
verse onto a blank sheet.
Halloween Resources at Memory Cross
Memory Cross has created fun, creative tracts
that share the Gospel and kids love them!  For
a little more than the price of a piece of candy
you can share the gift of eternal life.
More Thanksgiving Printables & Crafts
We've got quite a few printables and resources you can
use for teaching about Thanksgiving on our Sister Sites:

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