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Our Most Popular Resources:
Craft Recipe Tutorials
Come check out our Free Craft Recipes and make your own
playdough, colored noodles, paper mache, puffy paint, paper
pulp and more!
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Sunday School Crafts & Activities
Step by Step photo tutorials for some of
our most popular Sunday School
Crafts!  These are free hands on
printables and activities you can use
with your entire classroom.
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Bible Story Coloring Pages
We have a great selection of Bible Coloring Pages to fit all your needs!  
Come search our resources by theme and you'll find multiple options for
each bible story lesson.  These are wonderful graphics sure to engage
even young children in the story.
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Bible Coloring Pages
More Free Bible Printables
Free Bible File Folder Games
File Folder games are easy to use resources
that fit directly into a file folder.  Our Bible
games and printables go alongside you
favorite children's bible heros and stories.
We have games for Adam and Eve,
Creation, Daniel in the Lions Den, Noah's
Ark, Moses, Ten Commandments, The Lord's
Prayer, Easter, Armor of God, Treasures in
Heaven, Parable of the Sower and more!

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Free Bible Verse Copywork Pages
If you have a child who is making progress
with their cursive lettering, these printable
bible verse pages are just the right fit.  
Children can copy over the verse, then write
on their own below.  Images are provided for
each verse as well.  
Children's Ministry Printables
From classroom welcome signs to printable
postcards, you'll find a selection of resources
you can print up for your own Sunday School
classroom.  This page is a work in progress
and we hope to add more resources in the
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Our Homeschool Classroom
Are you curious about our personal
Homeschool Classroom?  Come on by and
see how we've set up our Dining Area for
multipurpose use.  Read about our yearly
curriculum choices, and join us in our
homeschool journey at
The Crafty
Classroom Blog!
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Free Bible File Folder Games
File Folder games are easy to
use resources that fit directly into
a file folder.  Our Bible games
and printables go alongside you
favorite children's bible heros
and stories.
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Bible Verse Visuals
Some of our most popular Bible
Verse Visuals coordinate with
Seeds Family Worship Music
CD's.  If you're looking for ways
to help your little ones learn
scripture,this is a great start!
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Fruit of the Spirit Bible Printables
Our fruit of the spirit bible printables
are adaptable for many ages.  
Children learn all about these
special little fruits with our games,
coloring pages, worksheets,
bookmarks and more.
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Welcome to Bible Story Printables
Bible Printables:
Bible Story Printables is a website dedicated to providing you with fun, free colorful printable
activities you can use in your Christian Homeschool or Sunday School Classroom!   We have a
variety of
Bible Coloring Pages, Christian File Folder Games, Bible Minibooks, Worksheets,
Copywork Pages and more. Come visit our personal blog if you'd like to learn more about our
family, and our homeschool experiences.  Additionally, you can read my
personal testimony here.
Bible Timeline Printables
These printable cards are
just the right size for making
a Bible Timeline.  Children
can draw in their own
pictures or use the ones
Bible Story Figures
A new section on our site
is our Bible Story
Figures! These are great
for moving stories, and
even crafts and take
home activities.  Mount
these to popsicle sticks
for hand on fun!
Bible Verse Minibooks
These Bible Verse
Minibooks are great for
teching children key verses
in the bible.  These make for
fun bible memorization
books you can send home
with children.
Bible StoryBoard Sets
These storyboard sets can
be used for retelling key
bible stories in your Sunday
School classroom.  Print on
Cardstock and Laminate for
best results!
Bible Worksheets
A new section on our site
is our Bible Story
Worksheets!  We have
multi-leveled Bible
Crosswords, Word
Scrambles and Fill in the
Blank printables.  This is a
new section of our site so
stay tuned for more!
Bible ABC
Cursive Copywork
We've got a complete set of
Bible alphabet printables for
children!  Each page
features a colorful picture
alongside coordinating
cursive lettering.  This make
wonderful transitional
worksheets for children who
are just learning to write in
cursive.  If you have
experienced cursive writers,
try out our
Notebooking and Copywork
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Bible Alphabet Charts
We have a great set of printable alphabet
charts you can use in your classroom.  These
are full sheet printables, and you can
customize the size by changing your printer
settings.  You might want to make them half a
sheet, or four to a sheet for flashcards.

Bible Alphabet Charts Print
Bible Alphabet Charts Cursive
Bible Craft Printables
Here are some printable bible crafts you can
use in your classroom, Sunday School, or
personal Homeschool.  These are also great
for Outreach and Mission trips.  This is a new
page in our site, so be sure and stay tuned
for updates!
Bible Timeline Cards
Starting a Biblical timeline with your children is a
great way to give them a historical foundation to
back up their beliefs. I can tell you from personal
experience that a lack of understanding  leaves a
child questioning who, what, why they are here.  
Even young children can  learn that there is an
everlasting creator, a beginning of time, a savior,
and an end of time.
Bible Notebooking Pages
Our Bible notebooking pages are designed to
be colorful visuals and representations you can
use alongside your
Sunday School Lessons or
favorite history curriculum. F
rom Creation
Through the birth of Christ these visuals take
you through important Biblical and World
History events.  Over 100 pages of Charts,
Maps, Art, Story Visuals and more.