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Resurrection Eggs
Crack open the glorious story of Jesus
resurrection. Stored in a plastic carton, a dozen
rainbow-hued eggs are filled with surprises. Pop
them open and find miniature symbols of Easter
inside. An updated companion booklet in English
and Spanish features Bible stories explaining the
significance of each object. Includes 12 stickers
corresponding to the eggs. Ages 5 and up.
Easter/Resurrection Bible Printables
Bible Printables:
Here are some printable bible crafts you can
use for Easter/Resurrection  You'll find
printable Easter Cards, Printable Bookmarks,
Printable Gifts and more! Use these resources
in your Homeschool, Sunday School, and
Missions trips
Stay Updated by visiting our
Blog for when new resources are available!  If
you'd like we also have coordinating
Resources for Preschoolers
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Easter Bible Resources
Easter is a wonderful holiday for celebrating God's promise of salvation in Jesus Christ!  This is a
great opportunity to share the true reason and meaning behind our Easter holiday.  If you're
looking for outreach cards to reach your new visitors in your Children's Ministry, be sure you
check out these interactive
Easter Cards from Memory Cross!
He Lives! Bible Craft Kit
Color Your Own Holy Week
Crosses. Celebrate with an
easy-to-make Easter craft. Paper.
12" Markers sold separately online.
Holy Week Craft Kit
Reads "Hosanna!" Cardboard
with satin cording. 18" x 10" with
4" hanging cutouts. All craft kit
pieces are pre-packaged for
individual use. Kits include
instructions and extra pieces
Easter  Resources
We have so many more
Easter Resources you
can use with your
children! You'll find Bible
Verse Visuals, Printable
Resurrection Eggs, file
folder games and more!
Bible Minibook:  The Resurrection
This is a bible story minibook for
retelling the Easter Story.  This is
based off of Matthew 28, and tells the
basic story of Jesus's resurrection.   
There are blank versions if you'd like
your chidlren to write in the easter
story themselves.

Easter Minibook Color
Easter Minibook BW
Easter Minibook Blank
Easter Minibook Blank BW
Bible Timeline:  The Resurrection
These printable bible timeline cards
are perfect for children to order the
story of Easter from Christ dying on
the cross to His Resurrection.

Easter Timeline Page 1
Easter Timeline Page 2
Easter Coloring Pages
We've got a growing collection of
Bible Story Coloring Pages for
you to print up for your
Homeschool or Sunday School.  
Bible Story Board Set:
Easter / Resurrection
This is a Bible story board set for
retelling the Easter Story.  Starting with
Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem,
to the empty tomb and promise of life.
Bible Worksheets:  Easter
This is a printable bible worksheet for
Easter Sunday.  Children look at the
word "Easter Sunday" and figure out
how many different words they can
find using only those letters.  Write the
words on the lines.
Bible Verse Minibook: New Creation
This is a bible verse minibook for the verse 2
Corinthians 5:17.  This verse is great for Easter!

New Creation Minibook Color
New Creation Minibook Color Blank
New Creation Minibook BW
New Creation Minibook BW Blank
Bible File Folder Game: The Easter Story
This is a file folder game about the Resurrection
of Jesus Christ.  This is a great game to play
around Easter time, and goes perfectly with the
Resurrection Eggs below.  Children move their
player along the board collecting different
picture representations to the true Easter Story.
Easter Bookmarks        BW
Children can make a complete set of
25 Christmas Ornaments for your
classroom, or your personal tree at
Jelly Bean Prayer Box
This is a Jelly Bean Prayer box children can
make in class and take home for a special
gift for a friend or family member.  Once
assembled, add in some Easter grass and a
jelly bean of each color in the poem..
Large Easter Bookmarks
Color Your Own Easter
This is a fantastic take home craft
for children to make as gifts for
Mom and Day, or anyone else
they want to share Christmas with.
Bible Copywork:  Resurrection / Easter
This is a set of Bible Copywork sheets for
learning about the story of Easter.  These
verses talk about the Resurrection of Jesus
Christ, and how he has died for our sins.

Easter Copywork Page 1
Easter Copywork Page 2
Easter Copywork Page 3
Easter Copywork Page 4
Easter Watercolor Craft
There are many wonderful Easter Bible Lessons
you can tie with this craft, you'll have many new
children and visitors on Easter Suday.This is a
great project to remind children of THEIR choice
of belief.  There is no in between, no grey area,
you either refuse or accept salvation in Christ.  
Not choosing....IS choosing.