Noah’s Ark File Folder Game

noah ark file folder game

Loading Noah’s Ark 2 x 2 File Folder Game

This is a Noah’s ark themed file folder game for children who are working on early multiplication skills. Children solved the equations on the rainbows and find the ark with the correct answer. You can customize this game with the blank versions to make it easier or harder for your children.

noahs ark printables

We’ve got a growing page of Noah’s Ark printables, including a new bible story minibook, and story sequencing cards for making a bible timeline here:

Noah’s Ark Printables


Bible Verse Minibook: The Value of a Friend

Thanks to Becky for the suggestion of the verse from Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, about the Value of a Friend. This verse was spoken at my wedding, so it was fun to get to make the “Three Cord” minibook for children to learn about.

bible verse minibooks

This bible verse minibook is broken up into six different pages, each with a colorful picture to help children remember that part of the verse. There are blank versions available for children to look at the pictures to recall the verse, or for older children to practice writing in the verse.

I’ve made BW versions as well, so that you can save on ink, or have your children color them in for craft and activity time!

If you’d like to suggest a Bible Verse for this new endevor, please leave me a comment here below!



Bible Worksheets: ABC

Bible Worksheets

New: Bible Worksheets Letters P-T

I’ve just uploaded our next installment of bible worksheets for children who are ready to practice cursive handwriting skills. P is for Plague, Q is for Queen, R is for Resurrection, S is for Samson, and T is for Tower of Babel.

You can print what you need from this page in our site!

Stay tuned for the final installment for letters U-Z coming soon!