Samson File Folder Game

bible file folder game

I’ve just uploaded a new file folder game.

This one features Samson and is for children who are working on early conversion of feet to inches.

You can print the game here for free in our

Bible File Folder Game section.

Ten Commandments for Kids

We’ve got some new bible printables for teaching your children the Ten Commandments!

Ten Commandment Bible Printables for Kids

Check out all the fun ways you can use these:

Ten Commandment Bookmarks for Kids:
ten commandments for kids

Ten Commandment File Folder Game:
ten commandments file folder game

Ten Commandment Storyboard Set:
Ten Commandments Lesson for Kids

Ten Commandment Sequencing Cards:
Ten Commandments Sequencing Cards

Ten Commandment Coloring Pages:
ten commandment coloring page

Ten Commandment Matching Game:

Ten Commandments Matching Game

Click Here for all of our Ten Commandment Bible Printables for Kids!


Happy Birthday Jesus Game

Printable Bible Games

Hey All!

We’ve just posted a new bible game called, “Happy Birthday Jesus

This card game is played just like Old Maid, except the point of the game is to actually be the last one holding the “Happy Birthday Jesus” birthday Cake. The pictures on the cards take children through the story of Christmas, and make it a fun way to learn!

Print 4 Sheets, and discard 3 of the birthday cakes before playing!

Click Here for the Game