Jelly Bean Prayer Box

We’ve got a new bible craft up on the site, just in time for Easter!

jelly bean prayer craft

This is a Jelly Bean Prayer Box!

Once folded this box has the Jelly Bean prayer including the different colors of salvation (via jelly bean) on the top of the box.

These would make fantastic gift boxes to send your children home with on Easter Sunday, or if you teach older children, they could easily make their own to take home to share with their friends and family.

Print your template and read instructions here!

jelly bean colors of salvation

We’ve also got a Jelly Bean Prayer Coloring Page up on our sister site.

And don’t forget to check out our Easter Lesson Ideas while your there!

Printable Christmas Coupons

These Christmas Coupons make great gifts for children to give to their family members for Christmas.

Each coupon has an adorable Christian theme, and reminds the recipient that the reason we give gifts on Christmas is to celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ. Additionally the printable envelope has the bible verse from Isaiah 9:6.

There is a space on each coupon for children to add in the value of their special gift. Help them come up with ideas like “Washing the Car” or “Folding the Laundry”…..things they can give to Mom and Dad when the coupon is redeemed!

The envelopes make adorable cards you can pass out to your students as well.

If children want to personalize these a bit more, print the envelope as a template and let them trace it onto pretty scrapbook paper instead.


Corner Bookmark Craft

corner bookmark printables

These corner bookmarks are a great way for children to to leave class with something they can give to Mom and Dad for Christmas!

printable corner bookmarks

Each bookmark fits in the corner of the page, with a picture on the front and a bible verse on the back. These are very simple for children to make, and I would recommend printing them on cardstock paper. Let children play with glitter for some extra special bookmarks!

printable bible bookmarksbible bookmarks

We’ve got a printable set with Christmas themes, and a printable set with pretty designs and bible verse about God’s word.

Click Here for Bookmark Printables & Photo Tutorial

There are black and white versions available as well, and they would look fantastic as a watercolor project!

As always, love to hear how you’ll use these~