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Bible Printables:
Consequently, you don't have to invest large
amounts of money on a timline, in fact, you can
make one from home using our free timeline
resources below. Because it can be difficult to
undertake such a large project, we've put
together a short step by step photo tutorial for
assembling and using your Bible Timeline. You'll
find instructions for Printing, Binding, and
Dating your Timline below.
Okay, to be honest assembling your Bible timeline is going to be a little bit of work....all good
things are.  But you will be creating a lasting resource for your children, something they can return
to year after year to build on their knowledge.   Creating a timeline can turn into a family project,
one that you will cherish as a keepsake of the years you have spent home with your children  
Bible Timeline Assembly
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Here are some tips for printing out your Bible Timline.

  • Print your Cover Sheet on Decorative Paper.  We used
    an extra piece of scrapbooking paper cut to size.

  • Print your Blank Timeline Pages Doublesided on
    Cardstock.  For our set you'll need about 18  pages
    printed both sides.

  • Print your Timline Cards on Cardstock.  You may need
    to use a stronger glue like rubber cement.  We used
    gluestick, but for longevity you might want something
Printing Tips:
Here are some tips for Binding your Bible Timeline. This is
the binding machine we own and love!  Read Why

  • If you don't have a binding machine at home, you can
    take your printed files to your local office supply store
    for binding.  Additionally you can use a three ring
    notebook and punch holes across the top of your
  • If you have access to a binding machine, you want to
    bind your timeline on the left side of your pages.  
    Center your pages in your machine before punching
    the holes.  Cut your binding comb to the correct length.
Binding Tips
Here are some tips for Dating your Bible Timeline

  • Because we're covering a span of time from 5000 BC to
    30AD there are endless possibilities for dating and
    organizing your timeline.

  • Additionally, we've focused on key points in history
    such as Creation, and Holy Week to take an in depth
    look at what God was doing during that time.  

  • There may be times when each page in your timeline
    stands for 250 years, or even just the next day in
    History. Because of this we've left writing space on
    each Timeline Card for specific dating.

  • We've done our best to order our Timeline Cards
    chronologically, but we realize that there are ongoing
    discussions  as to what happened when.  For this
    reason we've left our Timline Cards without a date, so
    that you can fill them in with your own dating and facts
    below the image. (You can view our sources for our
    decided ordering here)

  • Furthermore, we may have left out some key dates
    and times in world history that you would like to add to
    your own timeline.  We provide a blank template for
    your personal use here, simply add your own images
    and print what you need. The font is called Walkway
    Ultrabold and is available freely here.

  • Another benefit to home binding or the three ring
    binding method is that you can easily add or remove
    pages as needed.

  • Write the dates in the center of the Timeline sheets as
    shown above.

  • Write in pencil first, confirm in pen when finished.

  • Layout your figures for each page to be sure they fit.  
Dating Tips
Here is how we personally dated our Bible Timeline.  Each
date listed below was written on it's own page either in the
middle or on either side of the page.  These are single pages
not the span across both open pages.

--------5000 BC---------
--------5000 BC---------
--------4000 BC---------
--------3000 BC---------
--------2500 BC--------
--------2100 BC--------
--------2000 BC--------
2000 BC-----1500 BC
1500 BC----------------
--------1400 BC--------
--------1200 BC--------
--------1100 BC--------
1000 BC--------900BC
900 BC---------800 BC
800 BC---------750 BC
750 BC---------700 BC
700 BC---------600 BC
600 BC---------550 BC
550 BC---------500 BC
500 BC---------450 BC
450 BC---------300 BC
300 BC---------200 BC
200 BC---------100 BC
100 BC---------50 BC
50 BC-----------0

The Ministry of Jesus Title Page

We then arranged the events of Jesus' life, teachings and ministry in
order across the top then bottom of each page.  The Timeline Cards
are provided in chronological order, so you really could just add these
pages to the second half of your timeline as-is if you like.

We used
this reference to determine the order of events in Christ's
What we Did:
If you're a visual learner, here is a short video we put together
showing you exactly how we dated our Bible Timeline.
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