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Bible Printables:
We actually have a coordinating set of Bible
Notebooking pages here.  These are great for
older children, or homeschooling familes to
take more detailed notes about important
people and places in history.  Additionly, we've
created some helpful Bible timeline printables
and sequencing cards you can use below.  
Starting a Biblical timeline with your children is a great way to give them a historical foundation
to back up their beliefs. I can tell you from personal experience that a lack of understanding  
leaves a child questioning who, what, why they are here.  Even young children can  learn that
there is an everlasting creator, a beginning of time, a savior, and an end of time.
Bible Timeline Resources
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Blank Timeline Cards
This is a printable template you can use for
children to design their own time line
cards. You can add in your own images
with a photo editing software, or have
children illustrate their own pictures.
Bible Timeline Cards
Over 25 different pages, filled with 200+
events from Biblical and World History.  
These cards are full color, ready to cut out
and place in your assembled timeline.  
Children add in their own dates and notes
for each event.
The Thankful Leper Timeline Cards
This is a set of sequencing cards you can
use to retell the story of the thankful leper.  
Choose one image to include in your Bible
timeline to remember the story.
Blank Timeline Notebooking Page       Lined
These are blank timeline notebooking pages you
can use alongside our Bible timeline printables.
To make your own timeline notebooks you can
take them to your office supply store or invest in
a binding machine.  These are just the right size
for our Bible timeline printables below.
Bible Story Sequencing Cards
Children can draw in Then write a short
description on the front of each card, and
longer descriptions on the back.  Print on
Heavy Cardstock Paper, Cut out and Tape
across the top of the card.
Our Sources & Suggested Resources:
We used these three books as references for putting
together our Bible timeline printables.  I highly
recommend them for your own homeschool classroom.
Journey through the Bible is a quicker introduction to
biblical history with beautiful photographs of numerous
artifacts and lands.  
Bible Maps and Charts gives a
serious look into each book of the Bible, with many maps
and tables you can use for easy understanding of difficult
The Mystery of History is a homeschool
curriculum for children that has 36 lessons and activities
for children ages K-12.
How to Make a Bible Timeline
You don't have to invest large amounts of money
on a timline, in fact, you can make one from
home using our free timeline resources below.
We've put together a short step by step photo
tutorial for assembling and using your Bible
Timeline. Click Here.
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Free Bible Notebooking Pages
Over 100 pages of charts, maps, art, story
visuals and notebooking pages.  These free
Bible notebook resources are perfect for
your study into Biblical and world history.  
Pair alongside your favorite history
curriculum for an interactive learning