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I Can Pray Like That?  Prayer Journal for Kids
A fun, creative way for kids to pray and journal during
their devotion time. The journal is filled with fun and
unique ideas and topics that is sure to make prayer
time something every child looks forward to. Write in
the dark... Pray with toothpaste and soap... Grade a
teacher... Name your enemies... Talk to yourself... Blot
it out!!... Pray with macaroni... and more....
Prayer Bible Printables
Bible Printables:
Additionally, we have put together some
prayer printables you can use to enhance your
lesson.  Below you'll find Prayer coloring
pages, minibooks, file folder games, and Bible
verse copywork pages.  
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Prayer Printables & Crafts
Lord Teach Us to Pray!  Even they youngest children can learn to pray to their Heavenly Father.  
There are many examples of prayer in the Bible that would be great for a Bible lesson.  During
your Bible lesson, read how Daniel, David, and even the Lord Jesus prayed.  Children can learn
the Lord's Prayer and that we are called to be in continuous prayer with our Father.
Lord's Prayer Bookmark Craft
This foam craft kit will be a hit with
Vacation Bible School and Sunday School
students! Featuring cross, peaceful dove
and rainbow designs, these 7 3/4"
inspirational bookmarks are a faith-filled
way to keep your place in your Bible at
Prayer Coloring Pages
Bible coloring pages with children
praying.  There are boys and girls
and angels and shepherds, even
one of Jesus praying.
Cursive Bible Copywork:  Verses on Prayer
We've got a set of bible verse copywork for
children who are working on cursive handwriting
skills.  Children can practice using the gray line
verses or print up a blank version for more skilled

Philippians 4:6        Blank
Psalms 145:18        Blank
Psalms 5:3              Blank
Matthew 6:9-13       Blank
Bible Verse Minibook: The Lord's Prayer
This is a bible verse minibook for children to
work on bible memorization of the Lord's
Prayer.  Taken from Matthew 6, this is a great
verse for children to work on!

The Lord's Prayer Minibook Color
The Lord's Prayer Minibook Color Blank
The Lord's Prayer Minibook B&W
The Lord's Prayer Minibook B&W Blank
Bible Verse Minibook: Pray Continuously!
This is a bible verse minibook on thankfulness.  
Children learn 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, and
learn that God wants us to be thankful in all
circumstances and to
Pray continuously!

Thankfulness Minibook Color
Thankfulness Minibook Color Blank
Thankfulness Minibook B&W
Thankfulness Minibook B&W Blank
Bible File Folder Game: The Lord's Prayer (NIV)
This is a bible file folder game to help children memorize
the Lord's Prayer.  Children use the picture cards to fill in
the blanks in the verse.  When complete encourage
them to read the