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Joshua Bible Printables
Bible Printables:
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Joshua Bible Printables
Most children know all about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, you might even have this song
stuck in your head after reading that!  Still, Joshua is part of many key Bible stories and children
will love to learn about his bravery, his keen battle skills, and his faith in God to stop the sun
from moving across the sky.  Joshua is a wonderful Bible hero to study and learn from.
Shield of Faith Craft
Resembles gorgeous stained glass art
when finished. Features the Bible verse
Ephesians 6:10, "Be strong in the Lord."
inside the heart and "Shield of Faith" in
the top ribbon.
Joshua Bible Story Board Printables
Here is a set of colorful full size
printables you can use to retell the story
of Joshua to your children.  Mount these
to construction paper and glue your
story to the back.
Joshua Bible Coloring Page
Here is a coloring page of with the
verse from Joshua 1:9.  These make
great take home sheets for children
learning their verse.
Joshua Bible Verse Tracer Page
Joshua Bible Verse Copywork
Here is a printable worksheet for
children to practice their
beginning cursive skills.  Younger
children can trace the words,
older children can copy the words
onto their own paper.
12 Spies Bible Timeline Printables        Page 2
Children can put the story of the 12 spies in order.
These coordinate with
all of our timeline printables, and
a great for story sequencing activities.
The Promised Land Bible Worksheet
This is a simple worksheet for children
to test their vocabulary and spelling
skills.  Children try to find as many
words as possible from the words "The
Promised Land."  For extra fun have
children work in a group to see who can
find the most.
12 Spies Bible Minibook
This is a Bible story minibook for children to retell
the story of the 12 spies.  Joshua showed his bravery
as a young man and was rewarded later in life. Our
printable bible minibooks make fantastic tools for
your children's ministry lessons.  See this page for
assembly instructions.
Joshua 1:9 Bible Verse Necklace
Give kids this fun craft activity to make
jewelry they can wear or give as gifts.
Fun for VBS or Sunday School, the
necklace's double-sided shield
features “Be Strong and Courageous”
on one side and Joshua 1:9 on the
Be Strong & Couragous Bible Bookmarks
These printable bible bookmarks have the
verse from Joshua 1:9.  There is a
photograph of footprints in the sand. These
make great class rewards during your
studies on Joshua.  Print on cardstock or
laminate for durability.  
Additionally, our Joshua Printables  are great
for children of all ages.  Below, you'll find
Coloring Pages, Story Visuals, Bible Verse
Resources, Worksheets, Copywork, Bible
Timeline Printables and more!  
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Joshua Visual Verse Printables
Our visual verse printables help you to break
down a bible verse into easy to memorize parts.  
Then when paired with an image children can
begin to memorize each part of the verse in
order.  This is a great way to present Bible
verses to a group of children.
Find more Bible Verse Visuals Here.
Military Time with Joshua File Folder Game
This is a file folder game based on Joshua
commanding the sun to be still.  Children match the
correct military and standard time on each sun.
Joshua Bible Verse Tracer Page        Copywork
Here is a printable worksheet for children to
practice their beginning cursive skills.  Younger
children can trace the words, older children can
use the copywork sheet.
Joshua 1:9 Bible Minibook        BW        Blank
Bible Minibooks are another great way to send
your children home with something they can use
to memorize their verse.  Blank versions provide
visual clues without the text, and are great for
children ready to practice what they've learned.
Joshusa Visual Verse Full Sheet
This is a Bible Verse Visual Sheet with the
entire verse from Joshua 1:9.  This makes
a fantastick take home sheet for children
to continue working on their bible verse.
Joshua for Preschoolers
Don't forget about the little ones in
class, they are never too young to learn.  
For them we've shortened down the
scripture to a partial verse, adding in
some fun matching games and some
Bible vocabulary.
History Notebooking
Are you studying Joshua in your
homeschool?  Be sure to check out our
Joshua Notebooking pages on our
personal homeschool blog!  These are
great for bible timeline activities as well.