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Days of Creation Posters
Perfect for your study of
Genesis.  These classroom sized
posters look beautiful in your
children's ministry wing.  Made
of Paper. (7 pcs. per set) 17" x
Bible Story Board Set:  Adam & Eve
This is a bible storyboard set for the
story of Adam and Eve in the garden of
Eden.  You'll be able to tell this story
from the Tree of Knowledge of good
and evil, to God's redeeming promise
to send a savior.
Adam & Eve Craft
Apple With Bible Verse Magnet
Craft Kit. This craft kit will be an
inspirational project for your Sunday
School or Vacation Bible School
students. Features the popular Bible
verse from Matthew 6:13
Adam & Eve Bible Printables
Bible Printables:
We have created some fantastic resources you
can use to teach children this important story.  
Below you'll find handwriting practice, classroom
charts, worksheets, story board tools, coloring
pages and more.  If you're pairing this with a
creation theme be sure you check out our free
creation printables here.  Also, subscribe to our
free member's only area for exclusive
downloads and freebies.
Adam & Eve Resources
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Teaching children about the story of Adam and Eve is important to develop an understanding of
the sinful nature of mankind.  While God created humans as perfect and sinless, he also gave
personal  choice to exercise obedience or disobedience.  Living in a fallen world, as a sinful
creature, even young children can learn and understand the need for a savior.
Bible Word Search:   In the Garden
This is a bible word search puzzle
featuring words from Genesis 2.  You can
print up different versions depending on
the age level of your child.  Click Here for
more Adam and Eve printables.

In the Garden Word Search Easy        BW
In the Garden Word Search Hard        BW
Bible Minibook:  Adam & Eve
This is a bible story minibook for Adam and
Eve.  The story starts with the command
God gave them, and ends with his promise
to send a savior.
Adam and Eve Minibook Color
Adam and Eve Minibook Color (Blank)
Adam and Eve Minibook BW
Adam and Eve Minibook BW (Blank)
Bible Coloring Set: Adam & Eve
We've got a great collection of
Adam and Eve coloring pages with
the cooresponding bible story.  
These make a great take home
sheet for children as you learn
each part of the bible story.
Bible Word Scramble:   In the Garden
Children rearrange the mixed up letters to form
key vocabulary words from Genesis 2.  The easy
version features clues about the word.

Adam and Eve Word Scramble Easy        BW
Adam and Eve Word Scramble Hard        BW
These timeline cards are perfect for retelling
the story of Adam and Eve. Children can
write the corresponding bible verse on the
top of the card, or practice a key vocabulary
word from that verse as well.  
Click Here for
more Adam and Eve printables.

Adam and Eve Timeline Page 1
Adam and Eve Timeline Page 2
on Amazon
Adam Names the Animals
This is a file folder game based of Genesis
2:19-20, where God has Adam give names to
all the creatures he has created.  Children play
the game by reading the words on the cards
then matching them up to the correct photo.
If you want to play two players, each child gets a
board and a deck of cards (print two sets of the
animal name cards).
Bible File Folder Game:   Adam's Apples
working on place value skills.  This is a two player
game, so you'll want to print two gameboards,
and if you like two sets of number cards as well.  
them on their tree.  Once they are placed they cannot
be moved.  The object is to place them in such a way
that you make the biggest number possible.  Once all
the apples are placed, the winner is the one with the
largest number