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Father's Day Bible Printables
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Father's Day Resources
In today's world, Father's Day can be a tough holiday to tackle. You may soon realize that many
of your students are living in situations where their father, for one reason or another, is absent
from the family.  This is a wonderful opportunity to present to children that God is their eternal
father.  He loves and cares for them and will stand by them no matter what life throws at them.
Color Your Own Dad Mug
Put a happy face on your dad's mug!
This traveling cup is perfect for hot and
cold drinks. Your father will love
drinking his morning coffee!
Wooden Frame Craft w/Poem
Create a special gift for dad and wish
him a “Happy Father’s Day!” This
handprint craft kit includes a wooden
frame, a paper insert with a poem and
space to place a child's handprint.
More Father's Day Resources
We have more Free Father's Day
resources on our sister site.  You'll find
printable cards, bible verse resources,
crafts, activities and more.
Additionally, our Father's Day Printables  are
great for children of all ages.  Below, you'll find
crafts, cards, and coupons your children can
create for Dad this Father's Day.  
Stay Updated
by visiting our Blog for when new resources
are available!  If you'd like we also have
Preschool Father's Day Resources.
Father's Day Printable Wallet  
Page 2    BW

Father's Day Coupons         BW
Here is a printable wallet children can
assemble and fill with Father's Day coupons
for Dad! On the inside of the wallet is a
special poem about how God created
Father's Day Acrostic        Page 2
This is a printable acrostic children can fill
in by copying from the list of words, or by
cutting and pasting the words on the sheet.
Father's Day Ties        BW
These printable ties are great
for children to present to Dad on
Dad on the back, and provide
them with a bit of tape so Dad
can wear it home!
Father's Day Football Card      BW
Footballs        BW
This is a printable Father's Day card with a football theme.  
Children can assemble the card then glue the footballs inside
the card to spell Dad alongside their own special message.  
There is a bible verse on the cover from 1 Corinthians 3:7