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Let Jesus' Light Shine Prisim Bookmarks
Give these dazzling card stock bookmarks
to your Bible study group or Sunday School
class! Featuring a sparkling Christmas
tree, these inspiring bookmarks are sure to
add some shimmer and shine to
faith-based stockings or goody bags.
Bible Printables:
We have a fun craft you can do with your
Sunday School students.  Children can make
these Corner Bookmarks with a few folds and
some glue.  Each bookmark comes with a bible
verse and image and easily slides onto the
corner of a book page.  This is a unique gift
your students will joyfully make for their
friends and family.  We have additional Corner
themes available here.
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Corner Bible Bookmarks
Bookmarks are a great way to put God's word in the hands of your children and students.  
Children love to take home special item they can use and share with their friends and family,
and bookmarks are an inexpensive investment for your Children's Ministry. Interactive
bookmarks and unique resources are all the more desired.
Craft Tutorial:
Preschool Nativity Printables
We've got more printables on our
sister site here!
Step 1:
Print up your Bible corner bookmarks.  We
used cardstock for durability.
Step 2:
Decide which cover will go with which
verse.  You will need one rectangle and
one triangle for each bookmark.
Step 3:
Turn the rectangle paper upside down and
fold the rectangle towards the middle and
Step 4:
You want both sides to meet near the
middle.  If need be, trim the edges so that
they align.
Step 5:
Glue your triangular picture over the top of
the open part of the bookmark.
Step 6:
Repeat for all of your corner bookmarks.
Step 7:
Test out your bookmark on your favorite
If children make a set of four different
bookmarks they can make them into the
shape of a square to present their gift to
Mom or Dad!
All Done!
The opposite side of the bookmark
Bible Corner Bookmarks    BW
There are three bookmarks on the sheet, so
print them accordingly for the size of your

Other Materials: