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Three Wise Men Coloring Pages
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More Bible Coloring Pages
We have many Bible Coloring Pages for all
different stories and themes!
Three Wise Men Coloring Page
This is a bible coloring page for
older children.  There are many
beautiful lines and shapes for
young artists to color in.
Three Wise Men Bearing Gifts
Another beautiful picture for
children to color, showing the
three wise men bearing their gifts.
Wise Men on Camels        Wise Men Bowing
Two alternative options for your Three Wise Men
coloring pages.
Three Wise Men Stained
Glass Coloring Page
A simple coloring page
depicting the Three Wise men
with a stained glass effect.
Three Wise Men
Decoration Coloring Page
This coloring page would
make a beautiful decoration
atop a present.
Three Wise Men Following the
Star Bible Coloring Page
This is a bible coloring page of
the Three Wise Men following the
Gifts of the Maji Coloring Page
This is a three wise men coloring
page showing them bringing
their gifts to the baby king.
My Bible Coloring Book
With 119 coloring pictures, My
Bible Coloring Book takes the
coloring book to a new level. It
teaches children essential Bible
stories as they color!
Bible Story Coloring Pages
Reproducible bible coloring
pages with the bible story on
the back.  Great for classroom
use to send home with students.
Our Bible coloring pages are for Homeschool or Sunday School use only.  You'll find Bible ABC
Coloring Pages, Easter, Christmas, Angels, and more!  Stay Updated by subscribing for when new
resources are available!  If you'd like we also have
Bible ABC Coloring Pages and Bible Handwriting
Sheets for younger children as well.
Many of our bible coloring pages include a
bible verse or the cooresponding bible story.  
These make great take home resources for
Children's Ministry.  Additionally we provide
FULL COLOR versions of these pages in our
Bible Storyboard section.  These color versions
are used as storytelling resources during your
circle time, or for a visual example for children
to color.
Three Wise Men Coloring
Nativity Scene with Wise Men     
Abstract Three Wise Men Coloring Page
Either of these three wise men coloring
pages would be perfect for your Sunday
school lesson.
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