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Easter Coloring Pages:
Bible Printables:
Easter Bible Coloring Pages
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More Easter Printables & Crafts
You'll find printable Easter Cards, Printable
Bookmarks, Printable Gifts and more!
Our Bible coloring pages are for Homeschool or Sunday School use only.  You'll find Bible ABC
Coloring Pages, Easter, Christmas, Angels, and more!  Stay Updated by subscribing for when new
resources are available!  If you'd like we also have
Bible ABC Coloring Pages and Bible Handwriting
Sheets for younger children as well.
Many of our bible coloring pages include a
bible verse or the cooresponding bible story.  
These make great take home resources for
Children's Ministry.  Additionally we provide
FULL COLOR versions of these pages in our
Bible Storyboard section.  These color versions
are used as storytelling resources during your
circle time, or for a visual example for children
to color.
Jesus is Alive
This is a bible coloring page
of Jesus alive after the three
days.  There is an empty
tomb behind him. A good
bible verse for this picture is,
"He is not here, he is risen,
just as he said."
Easter Sunday
This is a coloring page of a family
going to church service on Easter
Hosanna Palm Sunday
This is a coloring page showing
Jesus on a donkey, with palm
branches at his feet.  A good
verse, "Hosanna, blessed is he
who comes in the name of the
Three Crosses
This is a bible coloring page
depicting the three crosses on
the hill.  
Cross with Heart
This is a bible coloring page
of a cross within a heart.  This
picture is to remind children
of God's amazing love for us.
Easter Lilly Cross
This is a bible coloring
page of a beautiful cross
filled with blooming Easter
Lilies.  These would make
wonderful classroom
decorations if you cut them
out after children have
finished coloring them.   
Jesus & Cross Coloring Page
This is a bible coloring page of Jesus
bearing a cross, and with a crown of
thorns upon his head.  He is looking
upward to the Father.  Remind children
of the love God has shown to us.
He Lives! Bible Craft Kit
Color Your Own Holy Week
Crosses. Celebrate with an
easy-to-make Easter craft. Paper.
12" Markers sold separately online.
Holy Week Craft Kit
Reads "Hosanna!" Cardboard
with satin cording. 18" x 10" with
4" hanging cutouts. All craft kit
pieces are pre-packaged for
individual use. Kits include
instructions and extra pieces