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Adam & Eve Coloring Pages
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Our Bible coloring pages are for Homeschool
or Sunday School use only.  You'll find
ABC Coloring Pages, Easter, Christmas,
Angels, and more!  Stay Updated by visiting
our Blog for when new resources are
available!  If you'd like we also have
ABC Coloring Pages and Bible Handwriting
Sheets for younger children as well.
More Adam & Eve Printables
We have many more printables you can
use for your creation Bible lesson.  You'll
find worksheets, Bible story board
printables, file folder games and more.
Bible Coloring Tree of Knowledge
fruit for the tree of knoweldge of
good and evil.  Children can color a
picture of that tree.
Bible Coloring Snake Tempts Eve
Here is a coloring picture of the
serpent entering the garden to
deceive Eve.  He tempts her to eat
the fruit from the tree of
Bible Coloring Eating the Fruit
fruit.  She then shares the fruit with
her husband Adam.  This is a coloring
picture of a fruit that has been bitten
Bible Coloring Hiding in the Garden
When God found them in the garden
and asked what they had done, Adam
blames Eve, and Eve blames the
snake.  They are each given
consequences for their disobedience.
Bible Coloring Garden Gates
Adam and Eve have to leave the
garden.  This is a coloring picture of
the two of them exiting in sadness.
Bible Coloring A Promised Savior
God doesn't hand out the consequences
without providing hope for the future.  
He tells Adam and Eve of a promised
savior who will once again restore their
relationship with God.
Days of Creation Posters
Perfect for your study of
Genesis.  These classroom sized
posters look beautiful in your
children's ministry wing.  Made
of Paper. (7 pcs. per set) 17" x
Adam & Eve Craft
Apple With Bible Verse Magnet
Craft Kit. This craft kit will be an
inspirational project for your Sunday
School or Vacation Bible School
students. Features the popular Bible
verse from Matthew 6:13
Teaching children about the story of Adam and Eve is important to develop an understanding of
the sinful nature of mankind.  While God created humans as perfect and sinless, he also gave
personal  choice to exercise obedience or disobedience.  Living in a fallen world, as a sinful
creature, even young children can learn and understand the need for a savior.