Sunday School Postcards

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New: We Miss You Postcards

These are some colorful postcards you can send out to children when you haven’t seen them in class for a while. There are some adorable animals on these, and I’d suggest printing them on heavy cardstock for best results. You can put the stamp and the address on the back.

I hope to make some more fun postcards in the future, so if you have any suggestions, or some fun text that I can use, please leave me a comment below! (You know like a picture of fish, and the title says “It was good to sea you again…”) I know we’ve got some creative minds out there!

Classroom Welcome Signs

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New: Classroom Welcome Signs

This is a set of 12 different classroom welcome signs you can use in your Sunday School Classroom. There is one picture for each month, and you can swap them out depending on what lesson you’re teaching on.