Noah’s Ark Story Figures & More


Yeah! We’ve got a set of Noah’s Ark bible story figures up and ready for you!

Story figures are something that I started because when teaching little ones I’ve found that if the pictures in the story can move, and hop, and act out some of the parts, then the children sit much quieter in their seats! Tricky, Tricky! Sometimes when a child gets extra figidity you can even involve them in the story by asking them to come up and hold the “sheep” or something…..and after storytime you can set up a center table for children to retell the story themselves.

These things are very versatile people, get creative….

Anyway, I hope to have more story figures up soon, but for now you can snag a fantastic set of Noah and all the animals 2×2….

noah's ark craft

Click Here for Noah’s Ark Story Figures