Christmas Story Figures

I’ve just uploaded a full set of Christmas Story Figures you can use to retell the Christmas Story:
There are a few different figures for each key part of the story:

Bible Printables

Mary’s Good News
The Road to Bethlehem
Born in a Manger
The Shepherds Visit
Wise Men Follow a Star

These are great for fidgety little kids, as they love to watch the figures move as you tell the story.

Additionally, you could print the black and white versions for take home crafts, each week you could send children home with their own story puppets they can use to share what they’ve learned.


Christmas Bible Printables

I’ve got a slew of new things up for Christmas, so I’m lumping them all into one simple post :)

I’ve also put them all on the same set of Christmas Printables page in our main site, so clicking any of them will take you to the list of all of them.

Christmas Bible Printables

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Christmas Timeline

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