Treasure in Heaven File Folder Game

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Treasures in Heaven

This is a bible themed file folder game about storing up treasures in Heaven rather then here on earth.

Talk with children about how all money is God’s and we are just put in charge of it for a short time. The Parable of the Talents would be a good starting point for your discussion. Also teach children that the love of money can be a very real and dangerous sin, and that God wants us to put him first in everything.

Game Play: Children navigate the board by rolling a die, and everytime they land on a a space with a coin, they take a coin from the pile and store it up in their “Heavenly Treasures” box. Upon taking the coin, ask children to express one way we can use the money for the glory of God. (Give them some examples beforehand to get the ideas rolling……feed the poor, purchase a bible for someone, give to church, invest in a friendship, ect….)

Read (or have children read) the bible verses as they land on the corresponding spots.

The first child to reach “Heaven” gets 2 bonus coins. Once everyone reaches the end, count up the coins for the winner!

Since this game has a pirate theme as well, it would make a great game to have on hand for VBS if that is your theme!

I would love to hear how you plan to use the game, just leave me a comment below!



Treasures in Heaven