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Here is a step by step photo tutorial for how
to put together our bible minibooks.  For sturdy
books use cardstock.
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Bible Minibooks
Print up your Minibook
For this tutorial we are usnig a
bible verse minibook from Matthew

Bible Verse Minibook                BW
Step 1:
The first thing you need to do is print our your bible
minibook.  It's easier to assemble when you print
on regular typing paper, but if you want a sturdier
version cardstock is doable as well.
Step 2:
Fold your sheet in half "Hamburger" style.
Step 3:
Fold the sheet again.
Step 4:
Fold the sheet one last time from top to bottom so
all your left with is one page visible.
Step 5:
Unfold your book untill you get back to this step.  It
is now only folder in half "hamburger" with the
crease at the bottom.
Step 6:
Using your scissors, cut along the center line just
untill you reach the second fold line.  Do not cut
past the line, just up to it.
Step 7:
Open up your minibook to a full sheet again.  You
should now have a slit in the middle of your paper
as pictured above.
Step 8:
Fold your sheet in half "Hot Dog" style.  The center
should pop open a bit where you slit is.
Step 9:
Grab either side of the minibook and push
towards the middle to make the gap open up
more. Keep pushing till the paper eventually folds
Step 10:
This is how the book will look when the paper
folds.  You may need to straighten up your
creases a bit.
All Done!
Fold the book till you've got your cover page on
the front and you're all set!