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Here is a step by step photo tutorial for how
to put together our Bible Verse Visuals.  These
are great for teaching a group of children the
verse, or for making bulletin board decorations.
Site Tutorials:
Bible Verse Visuals
Print up your Bible Verse Visuals
For this tutorial we are using a set
of bible verse visuals from
Matthew 7:7-8

Click Here for the entire set
Step 1:
Print up a set of bible verse visuals.  These will
print as a full sheet so that you can use them for
larger groups of children.
Step 2:
Choose a color of construction paper or colored
cardstock and adhere each sheet to the paper.
Step 3:
Use the same color for each page in your verse.  
special notes to help you remember each part as
your teaching.
All Done!
Use:  Go through each section of the verse with
the children.  Build slowly with younger children
.As children learn, encourage them to say the
section of the verse before you show them the text.
These sheets make great class displays and you
can hang verses up on the wall after chidlren learn
them.  Additionally you can print an extra set to
decorate your bulletin board while your teaching
that verse as well.
How to Assemble Minibooks
Our minibooks are made to fit on one
single sheet of paper.  Here are
instructions for assembly.