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Daniel in the Lion's Den DVD
We personally love the Greatest Heros and
Legends DVD's.  They are narrated by Charlton
Heston and include an animated version of Bible
stories. These are great for your own home or
Sunday School Classroom, and best of all they
are relatively inexpensive.
Noah's Ark Bible Printables
Bible Printables:
Additionally, our Noah's Ark Printables  are
great for children of all ages.  Below, you'll find
Coloring Pages, Story Visuals, Bible Verse
Resources, Worksheets, Copywork, Bible
Timeline Printables and more!  
Stay Updated
by visiting our Blog for when new resources
are available!  If you'd like we also have
Noah's Ark resources for
preschoolers as well.
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Daniel in the Lions Den
The Bible story of Noah's Ark is a great lesson in obedience for children and adults alike.  Noah
found the Lord's favor, and did exactly as God desired, building a boat to house his family and
many animals as well.  This is also a great story for children to learn about God's promises, as
after the flood he places a rainbow in the sky and vows to never again flood the entire world.
Lion & Lamb Craft
Create peace in your house with this
Flower Lion & Lamb Magnet Craft Kit.
This adorable craft is great for young
spirits during Sunday School or VBS
classes featuring lessons in peace.
Dare to be like Daniel Craft
A roaring fun activity to accompany
your lesson about Daniel and the lion's
den. The “Dare To Be Like Daniel”
Sign Craft Kit provides everything you
need to create 12 signs.
Loading Noah's Ark 2 x 2
This is a file folder game for
children working on early
multiplication skills.  Children
solved the equations on the
rainbows and match them to the
correct ark.  These go up to 2 x
12, but there are blank versions
for you to extend this game if
you need.
Bible Story Board Set:  Daniel
This is a bible storyboard set for the
story of Daniel in the Lion's Den.  
These start with Daniel praying to
God, and end with the Kings law
proclaiming that Daniel's God is the
one true God.
Daniel in the Lion's Den  Bible Minibook
This is a bible story minibook for the days
of Creation.  The text from Genesis 1 is
written and paraphrased to explain the
different days.   You can also print up a
blank version if you'd like your child to fill in
the information.

Color        BW

Color Blank        BW Blank
Here are some Bible Timeline Sequencing
cards for chidlren to learn the events of the
bible story.  Children can use these card to
put them in the correct order.

Bible Timeline Page1        BW
BIble Timeline Page 2        BW
Bible ABC Worksheets: D is for
D is for Daniel in the Lions Den.  
This bible worksheet has a picture
of Daniel with a tame lion. (For Print
Copywork see our Sister Site)
Daniel in the Lion's Den File
Folder Game
This is a file folder game for Daniel's
time in the lion's den.  This game is
for children who are working on
early time telling skills.  Children
read the digital time on each lion,
then cover it's mouth with the correct
analog clock.
Daniel in the Lion's Den Story Sticks
Here is a set of printable story telling sticks
for Daniel in the Lion's den.  Story sticks are
a great way to retell bible stories as you
can move the figures around to hold
children's attention.  See
this tutorial for
more ideas for using these.